The PLOD podcasts (Police Law on Demand) have been created by solicitors from 3D Solicitors in conversation with barristers from Serjeants’ Inn Chambers, bringing their extensive experience in advising police officers to an engaging, relevant and informative series of discussions about legal decisions, legislation and regulations affecting those involved in policing.

From stop and search powers to relationships at work, our content will help officers of all ranks, and anyone with an interest in police law, stay up to date on the latest changes and trends in criminal justice and policing.

Series 1 Episode 1 
Failures in criminal investigations - police liability

Series 1 Episode 2 
Necessity for arrest

In 2018, the Supreme Court upheld landmark victories for two victims of the serial sex offender John Worboys against the Met Police in the case known as “DSD and NBV”..

It was generally thought that police were “immune” from claims by individuals alleging “operational” failings in investigations. But the Supreme Court held that “obvious and significant shortcomings” can give rise to liability.

When is an operational failing “obvious and significant”? How can investigators avoid such pitfalls?

Solicitor Deborah Britstone and barrister Aaron Rathmell examine how this judgment affects the police.
Every police officer know that they must have  reasonable suspicion that a person has committed an offence in order to arrest them, but this is only one consideration. There must also be a reasonable believe in necessity for arrest. ​​

Recent Court decisions have looked specifically at the necessity requirement.

Lawyers Deborah Britstone and Cecily White discuss what this means for police officers.

Series 1 Episode 3
Pre-charge bail

Pre-Charge bail is an effective tool in the investigation of crime and to protect the public. ​​

Solicitor Daniel Berke and Barrister Elliot Gold discuss updated operational guidance from the National Police Chiefs' Council and how the rules are affecting policing.