Fact Sheets

Our collection of downloadable fact sheets help with a range of issues, such as appeals against conviction and sentence and how to choose a barrister.


The Police Law on Demand (PLOD) podcasts are designed to help interested parties stay up to date with the latest changes in policing and criminal justice.


As a firm which prides itself on our expertise, we have put together a library of articles to help you stay abreast of new developments and briefings across a range of legal disciplines. Keep your finger on the pulse at all times.

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3D Solicitors was founded on the core principles of expertise, tenacity and approachability. We work tirelessly to serve the best interests of our clients at all times.

Our belief is that clients should be able to engage with us at every stage of the process, whenever they need support or guidance. We want them to feel confident they are dealing with a law firm with the specialist knowledge needed to secure a positive result.