Sophie Barrett



Sophie Barrett is a paralegal with many years of experience working in major law firms.

Sophie supports the team by providing experienced assistance in research, case preparation, and liaising with stakeholders; including courts, opponents, experts, barristers and clients.

Her expertise ensures smooth progression of cases to conclusion.

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  • 0161 250 7566


Case Preparation
Liaising with Stakeholders
Debt Collection

Here to Help

“You led me through the legal maze from beginning to end. Your expertise and skill resulted in a complete acquittal and allowed me to rebuild my life and career.”

Nigel Evans, MP

“My public thanks must go to Daniel Berke whose creative legal strategy so clearly unnerved Twitter as to engender a complete capitulation on their part.”

Jeffrey Samuels, KC

“Daniel advises like he’s a member of our team: sensible, to the point and supportive of our ambitions, while keeping an eagle eye on the regulatory environment that is relevant to our business.”​​

Merlie Calvert, Founder/CEO, Farillio