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Our Specialities

Care & Health Sector

Our team advises regulated organisations in the care and health sector, including care homes, medical, rehabilitation and pharmaceutical businesses on the complex regulatory requirements required to operate.

Police Regulations

Advising police officer staff associations on all aspects of police law and regulations. In addition, we frequently provide training and advise on best practice and matters of policy.

Compliance Matters

Ensuring regulated firms are compliant with the requirements of their regulators, including advising on legislative and duties concerning anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing.

Protecting Your Business & Professional Reputation

Regulatory breaches can have serious consequences for a business. We advise organisations and businesses on how to get it right.

Whilst regulation can seem like a burden, we take a different approach and assist our clients to understand regulatory requirements and to make them work for their organisations, to ensure that they are used to meet high standards, improve management and increase performance.

We have advised numerous leaders and organisations in a range of sectors; notably in policing, health & social care, law and accounting and for private and commercial landlords. We ensure we understand the business of our clients and focus on the regulatory needs, so our advice is targeted and helpful and so our clients have the comfort of knowing they are correctly operating within their regulatory framework.

We will support you throughout the entire legal process, from providing an initial assessment of the case against you and responding to the investigation, to working tirelessly to preserve your business and professional reputation during proceedings.

Our team has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of contentious issues, including, alleged breaches of Environmental Regulations, Trading Standards matters and Health and Safety issues — so you can be completely certain you are working with a law firm which has the knowhow you require.

“You led me through the legal maze from beginning to end. Your expertise and skill resulted in a complete acquittal and allowed me to rebuild my life and career.”

Nigel Evans, MP

“My public thanks must go to Daniel Berke whose creative legal strategy so clearly unnerved Twitter as to engender a complete capitulation on their part.”

Jeffrey Samuels, KC

“Daniel advises like he’s a member of our team: sensible, to the point and supportive of our ambitions, while keeping an eagle eye on the regulatory environment that is relevant to our business.”​​

Merlie Calvert, Founder/CEO, Farillio

Here to Help

About Our Practice

Thorough and tenacious, 3D Solicitors is dedicated to providing a holistic service which is focused on delivering results.

Our depth of experience and understanding of the regulatory environment makes us an extremely valuable asset to any investigation. Indeed, our involvement has often been crucial in securing a positive outcome.

From the outset, we will work collaboratively with you to ensure you feel your interests are being looked after at all times.