We apply our values of tenacity, accessibility and expertise to our advice. We work collaboratively with clients to understand their needs and aims, we provide clear, strategic advice on the law and the legal process and apply our skills with diligence and determination.

Our Promise to You


Representing our clients with determination and persistence.


A collaborative approach that keeps our clients engaged and supported throughout.


Applying experience, skill and knowledge to every case we work on.

Meet Our Team

Learn more about the team at 3D Solicitors and how we can help you with a wide range of criminal and regulatory matters.


Deborah Britstone

A leading professional discipline and regulatory lawyer, Deborah specialises in representing members of regulated professions including senior police officers. She has acted for clients in major public inquiries, professional tribunals and inquests.


Daniel Berke

Daniel is highly regarded as a specialist in criminal and fraud law, professional discipline, privacy and regulatory law. He has been quoted extensively in the press and appeared in leading policy and news programmes as a commentator in relation to high-profile cases.

Consultant Solicitor

Alex Woolf

Specialising in commercial litigation and civil dispute resolution, Alex acts in a wide range of matters — such as property litigation, contractual disputes, construction disputes, professional negligence claims, injunctive actions and boundary/land disputes.


Sophie Barrett

A paralegal with many years of experience working in major law firms, Sophie provides experienced assistance to the team. Her remit includes research, case preparation, and liaising with stakeholders such as courts, opponents, experts, barristers and clients.

Here to Help

Notable Cases

Trusted to provide specialist assistance with a wide range of high-profile legal matters, our team has been involved in several notable cases. Learn more about our breadth of experience and most prominent cases here.

“You led me through the legal maze from beginning to end. Your expertise and skill resulted in a complete acquittal and allowed me to rebuild my life and career.”

Nigel Evans, MP

“My public thanks must go to Daniel Berke whose creative legal strategy so clearly unnerved Twitter as to engender a complete capitulation on their part.”

Jeffrey Samuels, KC

“Daniel advises like he’s a member of our team: sensible, to the point and supportive of our ambitions, while keeping an eagle eye on the regulatory environment that is relevant to our business.”​​

Merlie Calvert, Founder/CEO, Farillio