Ensuring your matter is resolved efficiently, economically, and effectively.

Our Specialities

Business Disputes

We provide robust, commercially sensible, support in areas such as resolution of disputes between shareholders and partners, contract breaches, and debt recovery. Our team has successfully recovered thousands of unpaid debts for well-known businesses.

Professional Negligence

Our team has supported individuals and businesses who have suffered loss due to the negligence of professional advisors, including solicitors, accountants, auditors and surveyors. We work tirelessly to ensure clients are properly compensated for the losses they have incurred.

Reputation Protection

We have advised celebrities, senior police officers, large businesses and politicians. Our solicitors act ferociously to protect the reputations of our clients when they have been defamed, their private data has been misused or they have faced threats or historic claims of abuse.

Proactive and Pragmatic Solutions

In today’s highly-competitive corporate environment, business disputes are becoming ever more common. Whilst swift and decisive action is required to ensure the issue is dealt with promptly, a deep understanding of your goals is also necessary to bring about a resolution that perfectly aligns with your objectives.

From the outset, we will ascertain your aims so we can provide a bespoke solution, tailored to your needs and aims, so we can chart the most appropriate course of action as efficiently as possible.

We seek to avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation wherever possible through the use of alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, negotiations, and mediation. Should legal action be unavoidable, we have the skills, knowledge and the robust attitude needed to tenaciously represent your interests to secure a positive outcome.

Our solicitors have amassed considerable expertise in a broad spectrum of matters

We have also forged close working relationships with other professionals, from forensic accountants and private investigators, to King’s Counsel to offer specialist support for your case.

“You led me through the legal maze from beginning to end. Your expertise and skill resulted in a complete acquittal and allowed me to rebuild my life and career.”

Nigel Evans, MP

“My public thanks must go to Daniel Berke whose creative legal strategy so clearly unnerved Twitter as to engender a complete capitulation on their part.”

Jeffrey Samuels, KC

“Daniel advises like he’s a member of our team: sensible, to the point and supportive of our ambitions, while keeping an eagle eye on the regulatory environment that is relevant to our business.”​​

Merlie Calvert, Founder/CEO, Farillio

Here to Help

About Our Practice

3D Solicitors believes that a combination of thorough preparation, collaboration, and determination are paramount to achieving a successful outcome for our clients.

We will support you at every stage of the legal journey and provide essential advice whenever it is required, so you can be confident you are dealing with a law firm which is on your side.

Whatever your case may involve, we have the knowledge and expertise required to handle your situation and ensure your objectives are met.