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Public Inquiries

Statutory inquiries are held predominantly under the Inquiries Act 2005. They provide legal powers to compel witnesses to give evidence and provide legal safeguards.

Non Statutory
Public Inquiries

Non Statutory Public Inquiries have been established by a Government Minister but not under an Act of Parliament. They cannot compel witnesses to give evidence under oath or to produce other evidence relevant to the inquiry’s work.

Public Reports

If you have been part of an investigation that will lead to the publication of a final report and you are likely to be criticised, you should be given the chance to comment. We can assist with any representations.

Providing the Expertise You Need

Set up to investigate matters deemed to be of public concern, public inquiries have become important parts of the UK judicial system since their creation in 2005. They are often far-reaching investigations spanning all areas of life — such as policing, the media, healthcare, and transport. The focus is to determine what happened in the event being investigated and whether any lessons can be learned for the future.

Given their complex nature, it is important to seek specialist legal advice at your earliest opportunity should you become involved in a public inquiry. Your solicitor must be thorough in their approach yet tenacious when required.

Our team offers vital support at every stage of the investigation. If you have played a significant role in the events in question, we will advise you on whether to apply for ‘core participant’ status — giving you full access to the evidence and allowing you to engage with proceedings.

We have acted on a number of major public inquiries, such as the Independent Inquiry in to Child Sexual Abuse and advised others in respect of their contributions to the Manchester Arena Inquiry and the Covid 19 Public Inquiry. We have also advised those asked to contribute to non statutory public inquiries such as the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel and the Angiolini Inquiry. Our team will vigorously defend your interests if personal criticism is likely and advise you during any further investigation into your conduct.

It is our priority to preserve the personal and professional reputation of our clients and help them deal with what is likely to be an incredibly stressful time in their lives.

“You led me through the legal maze from beginning to end. Your expertise and skill resulted in a complete acquittal and allowed me to rebuild my life and career.”

Nigel Evans, MP

“My public thanks must go to Daniel Berke whose creative legal strategy so clearly unnerved Twitter as to engender a complete capitulation on their part.”

Jeffrey Samuels, KC

“Daniel advises like he’s a member of our team: sensible, to the point and supportive of our ambitions, while keeping an eagle eye on the regulatory environment that is relevant to our business.”​​

Merlie Calvert, Founder/CEO, Farillio

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