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Appeal Against Sentence to the Court of Appeal

If you have received a sentence in the Crown Court which you feel was unduly harsh, you may be able to appeal the decision to the Court of Appeal. Download our guide for more information.

Appeal Against Conviction to the Court of Appeal

If you have been convicted in a Crown Court, you may apply for permission to appeal the conviction with the Court of Appeal. Take a look at our fact sheet to find out more or contact us for assistance.

Appeal to the Crown Court

If you have been convicted in the Magistrates’ Court and do not believe the verdict was fair, or you think the sentence was too severe, you can appeal to the Crown Court. Our fact sheet shows you how.

Choosing a Barrister

If your case is due to be heard in the Crown Court, or is a professional discipline case before a regulatory body, we may suggest instructing a barrister to help. Our fact sheet provides an overview of what this will involve.

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